Malvar (The Phil. Revolutionary Hero and The Father Of The Green Revolution), a member of the Descendants of Filipino Heroes of the 1898 First Republic, and the Executive Director and the Leader Of the Global Green Revolution (

As Mystica, I have a way of getting my audience to love me and be inspired by me because of my excellent song and dance abilities, professionalism and good sense of humour. At a recent seminar, which was made to launch and start the funding of my MYSTICA CHARITY FOUNDATION, the audience met a new Mystica with a lot of passion for her new work and goals in life.     
Mr. Rino Solberg is the Chairman/Co-Founder of Child Africa (, and the Chairman/CEO of The Better Globe Group of companies in Norway and Africa
( and has great goals for this group for the next 20 years and above. These companies’ aims are to fight poverty in Africa through profit making activities, like tree planting for the environment and poverty eradication (

Obviously, Mr. Solberg and I have the same passion, a definite major goal, and a vision for what we wish to achieve in life and he therefore offered me to be Better Globe's Managing Director in the Philippines and Asia (, which I accepted.

Dr. Ponciano "Pons" Aberin is the MCF Secretary and Executive Director, PWD (Persons With Disabilities) Division. He is a retired Department of Health ranking Public Health Specialist. As a Doctor of Medicine, he has been active in the prevention of disabilities most of which are directly related to environmental degradation.

At present, as the Ecology Consultant and the former President of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association, he advocates tree planting as an effective step towards climate change.

As former National Vice President of Private Medical Practitioners and as former Chief of the Division of the Department of Health, he is an ardent advocate for environmental protection.

Be A Part Of The Global Green Revolution! -Mystica
As a former World Health Organization fellow at the Center For Disease in Atlanta, Georgia, USA with several trips to several countries especially in Asia, he served as a WHO temporary adviser and has helped developing countries particularly in Asia.

Mystica Charity Foundation’s vision is to help unfortunate people in the Philippines based on Better Globe’s principles of  “A Charity System which pays the Donors an Interest on their donations".

Mystica Charity Foundation is focused on helping People With Disabilities (PWD’s), the Street People and the indigent families, especially helping their children to go to school and also discover their hidden talents.

Our objective is to aid those who are less fortunate. We are dedicated to create tools and services to help them get back on their feet and start to embrace more productive and more joyful lives.

We will use our talents and the best of our abilities to raise funds in order to support the Unfortunate Ones, wherever we can reach and help throughout the Philippines.

Our aim is to connect and work together with organizations like Rotary, CCW, Christians, companies and NGO’s, civic and environmental organizations, government and non-government supporting sectors and coordinating agencies in order to reach millions of people in the Philippines and to help them eradicate poverty and at the same time fight global warming by caring for the environment through planting trees.

As a Managing Director of Better Globe Marketing Phil., Inc., Mystica’s job is to help enforce Better Globe’s vision in the Philippines, which is to eradicate poverty and to help more poor people make a sustainable income and a better life for themselves. Better Globe is doing this by planting millions of trees and thereby creates profit for everybody involved.
Click the photo for the real life story of
Click the photo for the real life story of
I am Ruby Rose M. Villanueva-Cassidy, the recording artist-singer-songwriter, model-endorser, dancer-actress, director-writer-producer, Radio/TV Host, businesswoman, motivational speaker and a humanitarian. I am also tagged as the Embassadress of Goodwill, The only Philippine Celebrity Motivational Speaker, The Rock Diva and the Split Queen of the Phil. known by the showbiz name "MYSTICA", the Senior Media Consultant of Tri-Media and Media Affairs – Citizens Crime Watch International, the National Chairman of Citizens Crime Watch – Better Globe Task Force and Rescue Team, the NCR (National Capital Region) Chairman of Junior Citizens Crime Watch, the Managing Director of Better Globe Marketing Phil., Inc (Better Globe Philippines and Asia), the President/Chairman/Founder of Mystica Charity Foundation (, the International Chairman of Lakambini ni General Miguel