Better Globe 2012
The awarding ceremony will be held during the GRAND LAUNCHING & CORONATION NIGHT of the 30 survivors/winners among the 150 contestants/candidates for MYSTICA PAGEANT'S MR. & MISS GLOBAL GREEN REVOLUTION 2012, and the BETTER GLOBE 2012 GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARDS at METRO BAR located at 47 West Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, on August 26, 2012, Sunday, at 7:00 PM to 12:00 Midnight.

This event will showcase the inner and outer beauty of each winner, fashion, variety shows and entertainment, environmental awareness and integrity of Filipino men and women living around the Philippines or throughout the world and aims at bringing hope to those less privileged. This is what I believe is the very essence Beauty that moves with purpose. It will also feature the most prestigious recognition on Outstanding Asian and Global Achievers and Global Excellence in business, entertainment, public service, sports, education, and other major professional fields who have also contributed a great deal to greening the environment and making the world a better place.

For your name's/company’s maximum benefit, along with this proposal is an Endorsement/Sponsorship Opportunity with yours truly, Mystica, as your spokesperson along with the Mystica Pageant's Winners  who are now the Mystica Celebrity Talents as your name/company/product endorsers throughout my events such as: Mystica’s Beauty Pageants, Global Excellence Awards, Bikini Opens, Supermodels Search, Talent Search, Singing Competitions, Dance Competitions, Fashion Shows, Movie & TV Shows, Basketball Tournaments, Soccer/Football Tournaments, Variety Show Concerts, Mystica’s Charity Events (feeding, outreach and livelihood programs, medical and dental missions) and Motivational Seminars. This is the only sponsorship opportunity designed specifically to offer your company maximum exposure, to raise your profile, enhance your reputation, help to attract new business and instill that vital ingredient for success - trust. 

Your sponsorship can be by check or can be sent directly to one of these accounts:

Better Globe Marketing Inc.
The Hong Kong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC)
Main Branch, 6766 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines
Checking Account No. 030-052476-040
Swift Code: HSBCPHMM

Mystica Charity Foundation International Inc.
China Banking Corporation (CHINABANK)
BF Resort Village Branch, Talon Dos, Las Pinas City
Savings Account No. 2330256412
Swift Code: CHBKPHMM

We have before us a city, a country, a planet and our people that are in need of our support. We are their leaders, the standard they live by...we are their HEROES!

This is not a calling of duty, it is one of honor.

Please join me.


Ruby Rose M. Villanueva Cassidy a.k.a. Mystica
Managing Director of Better Globe Philippines and Asia; Leader and Executive Director of the Global Green Revolution Projects; President/Founder of Mystica Charity Foundation and Executive Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Entertainment Director of the AVA (Antonio Village Association, Inc.), the Ortigas Center's Billionaires Complex called the "Little Singapore" Project.


Email: mysticatalents@yahoo.com, mystica@mysticacharityfoundation.org or mystica@betterglobe.asia

Landline : 02-3913580
Cell: 0926-7397506 or 0908-8857288

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

We would like to propose for your business partnership and sponsorship to yours truly - MYSTICA’s personal and professional services and endorsements with my Mystica Events and Projects for an environmental cause and Mystica Charity Foundation's fight against poverty, corruption and environmental pollution and destruction.

As a Managing Director of Better Globe Marketing Phil., Inc. (www.betterglobe.asia), my job is to help enforce Better Globe's vision in the Philippines to help the less privileged people through my Mystica Charity Foundation (www.mysticacharityfoundation.org), with the support and coordination of the Norwegian Chairman/CEO, Rino Solberg, of Better Globe Group (www.betterglobegroup.com). This is an environmental advocacy and a global green revolution to plant billions of trees and promote people empowerment and pursue a unique livelihood advocacy for the benefit of the unfortunates.

On behalf of Better Globe Philippines and Mystica Charity Foundation, allow me to respectfully elaborate and extend a panoramic picture of our mission to combat climate change and improve pollution in the Philippines and worldwide, not only planting trees but through a multiple coordination with the different NGO’s here and abroad which require a rather larger or bigger contribution to our multiple functions to be able to succeed. Please check www.mysticapageant.com/Major-Projects.html for our major projects and missions.

To make that pledge a reality, I can't do it all alone and I need your business participation. As a holistic Entertainer in the Life-Changing Business, public speaker, social media marketer, event planner, seminar leader, motivational speaker, information marketer, non-profit charity or organization leader and founder, public relation officer, environmental managing director, website and internet marketer and advertiser, athletes/sports event organizer, radio/tv host, artists mentor, fashion shows and beauty pageants executive producer/organizer, celebrity advocate, movie/TV/stage  producer/director, singer, dancer, model, actress and commercial endorser, what I ask of you is not a plea for blind support.

With your involvement and partnership, your product and company will be acknowledged on my various events and also be acknowledged by presenting you a Charity Award and a Special Award Of Excellence: